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Andrew Hayim De Vries


Andrew Hayim De Vries is an Australian-born ecological artist and designer. He grew up in Western Australia, but has roots in Amsterdam, Indonesia and the Middle East. Perhaps this rich multicultural background is partly responsible for his curiosity for anything cosmopolitan, worldly, extraordinary. 

His passion for the environment led him to composting and to turning this into an art form some 35 years ago and Andrew has been living and breathing the art and science of composting ever since. He loves the process of bringing back life to waste and of bringing attention to this essential part of the food life cycle. A true believer in education and integrated learning, he has been lecturing on the art of composting on both sides of the continent.

Andrew wants to empower and move people to start creating and producing more than consuming. His message is: “To give back, give back to the system that’s feeding us. To feed the system that feeds us. We can all participate in this creative act and inspire others around us.”

Andrew is available for composting talks and demonstrations. His passion for recycling and up-cycling, composting and vermiculture, the future and health of the environment and the need for re-educating people on the value of these interests brought him to found Compost Central. 

With Compost Central, he has established the first interactive compost education facility in Byron Bay. To close the gap between people and the food production cycle, Andrew introduces, explains and installs composting on-location, a design system that makes composting easy and accessible for everyone. Clean, simple, do-able!


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E   andrew@compostcentral.org


A 'grounding' art performance, "Seeing is Necking", performed at 1985 for the ANZART at the Albert War Memorial Park in Auckland, NZ. In this performance, Andrew is buried in 'deep shit' - a 2.5m hight soil pile of compost. This performance was a homage to Andrew's father.