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The ultimate sub-surface compost solution for a school, community garden, affordable housing, cafe or resort.

Serious gardeners / composters
Medium to larger space
4-12 people
Low to Medium
Design & Material

Developed by Compost Central's founder, Andrew Hayim De Vries, the patented design Troff Compost Systems are a modular, bay composting unit, which is embedded in the soil of a garden bed, and has a high capability and fast turn around of processing food waste.

Full Spectrum
Due to the design of the unit, and the microbial density, these systems can process all types of organic waste, including those typically unable to be placed in compost, such as meat on the bone, fish, onions and citrus.

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Modular Design
The systems are modular and are designed to link together end-to-end to create a linear corridor where compost worms and microbes can move freely from one unit to the other.

Diverse Climate
The Troff functions in a diverse range of temperatures, from cold to hot and humid (equatorial) climates worldwide.

Food Production Integration
Most importantly, the Troff is designed to be positioned directly within the soil of a food production environment, composting the organic food and green waste directly within the soil, activating the soil and its immediate surrounds, which creates rich, vibrant soil, hugely benefiting the quality and effectiveness of the food production environment.  


  • 3D printed plastic composite shell
  • Hinged lid which doubles as stable seating
  • Rodent and vermin protected
  • No odour
  • 1560mm L x 560mm W x 400mm H
  • 340 litres
  • 0.34 cubic meters

Perfect for:

  • Homes, group housing, housing developments, flats or units
  • All school institutions - daycare, kindergardens, primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities
  • Retirement homes and aged-care
  • Caravans parks, accommodation venues, Airbnb properties, home stays, resorts, island living habitation
  • Design into new homes and landscapes, architects, landscape designers
  • Community gardens
  • Regional rural and arid locations
  • Corrective Services Institutions, Refuge and Displacement Camps who are composting their waste to create food. This system has the potential to create small self-employed income in diverse areas in the developing world. 

Prototype v1.0

Santos Organics

Installed at Santos Organics in Byron Bay's Industrial Estate, this first edition prototype of the Troff is a little 'rough-and-ready', but very effective. This one Troff bay, along with a dozen Compost Bucket Systems, process all the cafe and warehouse's organic waste, and coverts it to rich soil and worm castings.

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