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Subpod™ Tropic at Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka

Introducing the Subpod™ Tropic composting system, the Worm Farm Hotel, the Garden Ship, and our custom Biochar kiln as part of a broader ongoing project at Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka. For more info visit www.compostcentral.org/talalla-retreat and www.subpod.com.au.

November 2017 - Video (3:37), featuring the prototype Subpod™ Tropic in the Worm Farm Hotel. 

Special Thank You

Andrew wishes to acknowledge Danish Film Maker, Rune Hvalkof for his extremely generous contribution of time and expertise to film this video during his holiday at Talalla - see his website here. An amazing support!

The Compost Story - Kiss The Ground

This brilliant video clarifies in layman terms - the importance of composting.  The Subpod™ responds to all these issues and goes some steps further. The on-location aspect of the Subpod™ cuts out the need for transport and additional energy usage. This is a really well-made video and is worth the time to watch it (only 6 minutes).

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