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Little Epic Worm Farm

Grow your worm population fast, whilst composting your food waste

Avid composter
Small to large coutyard / backyard
3-4 people per unit

Using up-cycled bath tubs,  the 'Little Epic' worm compost farms, housed in a solid frame with hinged, sealed lids. Perfect breeding grounds for our mass colony worms! 

This is a truly brilliant under-rated compost system that works highly efficient, fly and rodent free and much more. The lid is crucial featuring the very much needed vented and lightweight. Complete with timber frame, plumbing, worm blanket, etc. Also can come with large profile caster lock-down wheels.

3-Stage Bays

An addition to the standard little epic system, these bays allow you to divide and focus on an individual bay to draw worms across from the others to be emptied.

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