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The Garden Ship

Andrew and the team spent a week building 'The Garden Ship' - a customised, raised compost garden bed at the rear of Compost Central warehouse in Byron Bay's Industrial Estate.

The Garden Ship features the fully integrated Twin-Cone Sub-Surface Composter and Sub-Surface Drainer (both designed and manufactured by Compost Central) which collects organic food waste and plant matter, and with the help of the microbes and worms, converts the waste into valuable, nutrient-packed compost soil and liquid, which is auto-irrigated directly to the soil and roots of the plants. It also hosts a series of our Compost Bucket Systems, to help extend the work of the worms throughout the garden bed.

After installation, within just 7-10 days we noticed significant nutrient effects on the plants, and ever since we've had such beautiful produce to enjoy and consume! 

This is the most effective system we've found for composting in the Australian climate, especially in the Byron Bay environment, where heat and pests (such as march flies) are prone to destroy the likelihood of effective composting.

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We design, manufacture and sell these systems, and Andrew is available for consultation for setting a compost solution up for your home, workplace, cafe, school or resort. Please don't hesitate to contact us now!

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