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Ewingsdale Family Home

The Compost Central team installed a Twin Cone Composter at a family home in Ewingsdale last week - and just as the weather began to cool (which was nice!). A beautiful, lush-green property, with well-established gardens, and some very keen gardeners! The only thing missing - a healthy, working compost system from Compost Central.

We installed the system directly in a garden. reserved for small food and vegetable growing, for the family to pick and enjoy, then return the food scraps back as foodstraight back to the source.

Jen (black hat), Kate (black tee), Caelan (blonde boy), Ewan (rainbow tee) and little Noah (blue hat) were such a pleasure meet and a real blast to work with on this install! Thanks especially to the kids for lots of helping hands! Great to see young ones composting!  

Let's get composting in your backyard!

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