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Kids Talks at The Farm at Byron Bay

After installing a couple of our Compost Central Twin Cone Composter systems at The Farm at Byron Bay in Ewingsdale a month or two ago, they're certainly now in full swing! The team at Three Blue Ducks use them daily food scraps, and the worms are loving every bit, and so are the surrounding soil and plants! Some others that have been benefiting from the Twin Cones are the farm's children visitors! Andrew held a very informative talk for the kids, teaching them the basics of our food waste and composting cycles - and now these little guys and girls know how to do it and what to put in it! Such valuable info to grow up with!

We hold talks and workshops for people of any age or composting experience level. Check out the TALKS page for upcoming events, or contact us to book one at your cafe, school or place of business! Can't wait!

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