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Rosebank Primary School

This week we installed the Compost Central Twin Cone Composter at a Rosebank Primary School, a small, local public school in the Hinterland NSW. The install is just the beginning! The school staff and students have plans to redevelop the garden beds and start growing some veggies! Couldn't have done it without our new favourite composters, students Torin, Sal and Shaylah - thanks a bunch guys!

We have a number of great composting solutions for any location, and built for the hot and humid Australian climate. With the ability to endure full sun exposure and up to 50 degree radiant heat, this system protects the worms and compost, to make sure it's always alive and kicking! Check out the Twin Cone Composter here.

Book your compost system install with us now for the new year!


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