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The subpod™ is a module which is installed directly into the soil for high-volume processing of organic waste. Each module can process the organic waste of up to 6 people.

Multi-module installations allow for high-volume on-site processing of organic waste with no external energy required. The module's low-maintenance design makes the subpod™ a cost-effective solution for processing organic waste on site. It can serve light industry, cafes, restaurants as well as high-density urban accommodation sites with hundreds of residents. Subpod will be manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

The subpod™ compost system has a filed trademark and a patent pending. It will go into production in mid 2018, with a crowdfunding launch on 12 March 2018.


Subpod is designed to blend seamlessly within urban landscapes.


Composting below ground eliminates pests, mess & odour.

Full Spectrum Composting

The module design and the microbial density allow for the processing of all types of organic waste, including those typically unable to be placed in compost, such as meat, fish, onions and citrus scraps* from the kitchen.

Separating organic waste for composting becomes simple.

*Based on average consumption and waste per person

Scalable Modular Design

The system is modular and the waste-processing capacity is easily expanded by adding extra modules to process the organic waste of large communities.

The modules can be linked together end-to-end to create a linear corridor where compost worms and microbes can move freely from one unit to the other.

Low Maintenance

The subpod™ composting system is low maintenance. The sub-surface environment naturally regulates temperature and humidity. There are no moving parts and it does not consume any electricity.

Perfect for:

  • Homes, group housing, housing developments, flats or units
  • All school institutions - daycare, kindergardens, primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities
  • Retirement homes and aged-care
  • Caravans parks, accommodation venues, Airbnb properties, home stays, resorts, island living habitation
  • Design into new homes and landscapes, architects, landscape designers
  • Community gardens
  • Regional rural and arid locations
  • Corrective Services Institutions, Refuge and Displacement Camps who are composting their waste to create food. This system has the potential to create small self-employed income in diverse areas in the developing world. 


  • Robust plastic composite shell
  • Hinged lid which doubles as stable seating
  • No ugly odours
  • 750mm L x 600mm W x 565mm H
  • 340 litres
  • 0.34 cubic meters

Subpod™ Tropic Prototype

Talalla Retreat, Sri Lanka

See the Subpod™ Tropic prototype (a new variation of the Subpod™, not displayed above) in action at the Composting Compound we've been developing at Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka, from July to November this year. View the full project here >

Subpod™ Prototype

Santos Organics, Byron Bay Australia

Installed at Santos Organics in Byron Bay's Industrial Estate, this first edition prototype of the Subpod™ is a little 'rough-and-ready', but very effective. This one Subpod™ module, along with a dozen Compost Bucket Systems, process all the cafe and warehouse's organic waste, and coverts it to rich soil and worm castings.

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Sketch Illustrations of the subpod™

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