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Discover Subsurface Composting

Low maintenance, efficient, and mess free composting that feeds the soil. Subpod™ is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Head there now to help us make it happen.


Talalla Retreat, Sri Lanka

Subpod™ Prototype

See the Subpod™ prototype in action at the Composting Compound we've been developing at Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka, from July to November this year. View the full project here >

Santos Organics, Byron Bay Australia

Subpod™ Prototype

Installed at Santos Organics in Byron Bay's Industrial Estate, this first edition prototype of the Subpod™ is a little 'rough-and-ready', but very effective. This one Subpod™ module, along with a dozen Compost Bucket Systems, process all the cafe and warehouse's organic waste, and coverts it to rich soil and worm castings.

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