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Twin Cone Composter

Perfect solution for the home, workplace, school or resort - in hot and humid climates, and in every season!

Beginning gardeners / composters
Small to large yard
3-5 people / Family

Through extensive research and development, designer Andrew Hayim De Vries has designed a modular composting system, which can be scaled to suit various locations.

The system is vermin-safe, designed for hot climates and based on an effective vermiculture model. This means it's produces valuable 'worm juice' and compost soil for the benefit of quality food production.

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  • Vermin-free (rats, mice, flies, cockroaches)
  • Designed in Australia, for hot and dry Australian climate (up to 50°c ambient temperature)
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low to no odour
  • Processes meat and fish
  • Can be setup to directly self-irrigate the biproduct to your vegetable garden

Option 1 - Base Kit

The Base Kit consists of the the two compost cones (below), with perforated lid and mice netting.

  • 220 Litre Compost Cone 
  • 400 Litre Compost Cone
  • Perforated Metal Lid
  • Rodent/Mice Netting

Excludes on-site installation.

Price:$499(inc. GST)

Option 2 - Full Kit

  • 220 Litre Compost Cone 
  • 400 Litre Compost Cone
  • Perforated Metal Lid
  • Rodent/Mice Netting
  • Worm Blanket
  • Worms & Castings
  • 20 Litre Buckets
  • Special Blended Manure
  • Sugar Cane Mulch
  • Shredded Newspaper
  • Cork Screw
Price:$599(inc. GST)

Option 3 - Full Kit with Installation

Includes all items in Option 2 - Full Kit  and installation of the Twin Cone Composter within the Byron Bay area. Additional costs may apply depending on location.

Includes coaching. Andrew can drop in once a week as requested.

Price:$699(inc. GST)

CONE A - 400 Litre Compost Cone (Outer Cone) 
CONE B - 220 Litre Compost Cone with Mesh Lid (Inner Cone)


Fresh Worms

Fresh worms, ready to let loose in your new Twin Cone Composter or existing compost system. Guaranteed 1000+ or 2000+ fresh and healthy worms.

4L (1000+):$35(inc. GST)

8L (2000+):$60(inc. GST)

The Twin Cone in Action

Discover 101 things you can compost around the home or workplace

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